Medical Gas Licensing – State Legislature Requirements

May 09, 2011/0 Comments/in Medical Gas Training News / by Cary Darden

Most of the states in the U.S. have passed legislation requiring individuals that install medical gas systems to have an ASSE 6010 credential. This type of credential (and course) is relatively familiar to most parties involved in the design, installation, verification, and maintenance of these systems; however, the ASSE 6000 standard published in 2006 actually contains a total of eight discipline compliance standards, which are as follows:

ASSE 6005 – General Information (usually applicable to engineers)

ASSE 6010 – Medical Gas Systems Installers

ASSE 6015 – Bulk Systems Installers

ASSE 6020 – Medical Gas Systems Inspectors

ASSE 6030 – Medical Gas Verifiers

ASSE 6040 – Maintenance Personnel

ASSE 6050 – Medical Gas Systems Instructors

ASSE 6055 – Bulk Systems Instructors

Some states are now contemplating the passage of legislation which would require credentialing to the “ASSE 6040 Maintenance Personnel” standard for all individuals who are involved in the “repair and maintenance” of medical gas systems. Also under consideration is the credentialing of municipal inspectors to the ASSE 6020 “Medical Gas Systems Inspectors” standard. Compliance with these standards will help to ensure that procedures, decisions, and documentation regarding medical gas systems are performed by individuals with the knowledge base to do so. All trades involved in these practices need to be aware of their state’s current legislative requirements.

Please visit the following links for two examples of states that are making legislative changes regarding medical gas licensing.