Lokring Medical Gas Fittings

July 20, 2011/0 Comments/in News Products / by Cary Darden

Lokring Technology offers a permanent, axially swaged fitting for medical gas applications that is approved by NFPA 99C 2005 (Paragraph (4)).

The leak-free seal is the result of elastic strain preload technology where the axial movement of the LOKRING driver over the body swages the body onto the tube’s surface forming a 360 degree circumferential permanent metal-to-metal seal.

The installation of LOKRING Medical Gas fittings takes minimal time since no brazing and nitrogen purging are required, thus reducing costs and most importantly minimizing patient disruption.

EMGS, Inc.  is the only authorized Lokring distributor in the state of Georgia.  Lokring technology is approved by NFPA 99C and is a great solution for medical gas tie-ins in sensitive locations throughout the hospital, i.e. ICU. Contact EMGS for additional information regarding Lokring fittings and installation training classes.

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Medical Gas Master Alarms - Problems and Solutions

July 20, 2011/0 Comments/in Medical Gas Testing News Products Service / by Cary Darden

Medical gas master alarms are among the most crucial pieces of equipment in a healthcare facility.  They monitor life saving gases such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, medical air, etc.  The Joint Commission and other regulatory agencies have moved the master alarm system for medical gases to the top of their list when addressing areas of concern.  In other words, if you have a problem with your medical gas master alarms, you need to fix it quickly.  Problems or deficiencies with these alarms present a distinct hazard to patient safety and must be dealt with.

The issue within most facilities is that the alarm systems, or at least the wiring is very old.  So while other portions of the system have been upgraded, the master alarms are still operating on an antiquated copper wire system that may not meet the current specifications for the newer alarm panels.  The other issue is that hospital ceilings are full, very full, with little room to run additional conduit and wire, making the addition of alarm panels in different locations costly and time consuming.

There is another way…ethernet.  Your hospital has it, every hospital has it, most houses even have it!  Ethernet is a scalable technology that is likely kept up to date by your IT department.  At EMGS, we have the expertise to work with your IT department and utilize your existing infrastructure to provide you with a master alarm anywhere you have a computer with an intranet connection to your facility’s network.  This is all accomplished via the Amico AIMS Ethernet solution.

EMGS recently completed this project at Houston Medical Center in Warner Robins, Ga.  They had a need for a master alarm in their engineering annex building, but running new wire all the way to that building was going to be difficult due to the crowded ceilings and having to traverse buildings.  We implemented the Amico AIMS Ethernet solution, and now they have a touchscreen panel (pictured to the right) that shows them in real time the status of all of their master alarms for the facility.  They also get an e-mail notification any time an alarm goes off, thereby creating a log of alarms and notifying the appropriate staff.

If you have medical gas master alarm issues, take heart, they aren’t as bad as they seem.  They can be resolved and it can be done with less of a headache than you think.  Give us a call and we will work with you to create a solution that is perfect for your facility.

Medical Gas Installer’s Kit

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Whether you have been recently certified as a Medical Gas Installer, or have been certified for many years, you may be interested in purchasing a Medical Gas Installer’s Kit. This kit contains the majority of equipment needed to install medical gas piping, and is conveniently packed in a sturdy case for easy, on the job access.

You can order the kit as it comes or customize it for your needs.

You can view the kit contents and photos by clicking here:

EMGS: Featured Product “Amico LED Area Alarm”

May 02, 2011/0 Comments/in Products / by Cary Darden

EMGS now offers an LED microprocessor alarm panel.  Each unit will accept up to (8) gas alarm modules for the smallest foot print in the industry which saves on installation costs and wall space

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