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Medical Gas Emergency Response

Failure of critical medical gas and vacuum systems definitely leads to a stressful situation.  For this reason medical gas and vacuum equipment must be is redundant to prevent a catastrophic failure to the patient care environment.  However, there are always situations where the redundancy may not be sufficient.  Recently, we had a situation where a […]

Medical Gas Backfeed

Medical air is one of the most crucial medical gases serving an NFPA 99 Category 1 facility or space. It is typically responsible for keeping ventilators and blenders running and downtime of any length is simply not acceptable.   When work must be performed on the air compressor source, especially within the control panel, power […]

Do medical gas cylinders have to be protected from direct sunlight?

NOTE: All references taken from NFPA 99 – 2012 edition We get this question from customers with medical gas manifolds installed outdoors sometimes. NFPA 99 addresses this question directly in chapter 11 where it talks about protecting gas cylinders stored outdoors: Note: sub-paragraph (3) Cylinders stored in the open shall be protected as follows: […]